ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value.


Artanim is a foundation specialized in motion capture technologies. We conduct R&D projects in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, 3D animation, orthopedic and sport medicine.

EPFL / Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne – Immersive Interaction Group (IIG)

IIG’s researches focus on involving users through full-body movements to ease the evaluation of potentially complex environments. The team also investigates how to impersonate a full range of potential users (ergonomic evaluation) or characters (performance animation).

FHNW / University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland – Institute for 4D Technologies

Our institute generates more knowledge, more choice, and more personalization from big data and provides these results to the data users, by combining computer science with the expertise from mathematicians, physicists, designers, architects, civil engineers, communication specialists and artists.

HEdS Geneva / University of Applied Sciences in Health Sciences – Medical Radiology Technology Research Institute

High quality applied R&D is the mission of this Research Institute, in the shape of national as well as international interdisciplinary collaborations, but also to nourish the intra-sector pole of excellence for continuing education.

HEPIA Geneva / University of Applied Sciences in Landscape, Engineering, and Architecture – Institute of Landscape Design, Architecture, Construction and Territory (InPACT)

As a multidisciplinary research platform, inPACT’s mission is to develop innovating solutions for future built environments. It is active in Architecture, Landscape Artchitecture, Civil Engineering, and Building Technologies, which represents unique skills in the Romandie.

HES-SO Valais-Wallis / University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering – Institute of Information Systems

The Institute is active in high value-added areas of the local economy such as eHealth, eServices (digitization of services), eGovernment, eEnergy (energy management) or ERP (Enterprise resource planning).

The specialist skills of the Institute cover such varied areas as the Semantic Web, data intelligence, agile project management, the processing of medical information and software engineering.

HES-SO Valis-Wallis / University of Applied Sciences, School of Management and Tourism – Institute of Tourism

The School of Management & Tourism is involved with the Institute of Tourism whose activities are directly relevant to the courses it offers, since all the teaching staff at the School also undertake research. It is dedicated to leading the path toward a tourism industry 4.0!

Logitech Europe SA

Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world.


The data of the future is 3D. Nomoko calls it “artificial reality”: Photorealistic 3D models with embodied physics, lighting conditions, materials and context. We are building the technological backbone by combining reality capturing camera, with ultra-optimized 3D modelling software. Our vision is to map the entire world in 3D at a millimeter accuracy, building the biggest database of real life 3D assets.


Prophysics provides comprehensive solutions for motion capture and analysis, and supply customers with the latest technology, software, and provide skilled support when they need it, throughout the system’s entire lifespan.

SICAS Jura / Swiss Institute for Computer Assisted Surgery

The mission is bringing together scientists, engineers, surgeons, and entrepreneurs for innovative partnerships. SICAS helps to empower projects and their impact of Computer Assisted Surgery from the bench to the bedside to improve the outcome and for patients benefit.

Somniacs (Birdly®)

The intention of Birdly® is to fulfill people’s ancient dream of flying. With virtual reality (VR) and robotics technology, SOMNIACS creates an extremely vivid full-body experience that makes you instantly forget the mechanics and computer codes behind this spectacular apparatus.

Stories AG

Media Agency, strong story-telling focus and prize-winning commercials and campaigns.

Swisscom AG

Swisscom Event and Media Solutions has developed and brought forwards Live Virtual Reality in Switzerland. It immortalizes your events, ideas, and projects as an interactive Virtual Reality experience – live and on demand. Swisscom Event and Media Solutions supports and consults customers’ needs all the way from conceptualization to production.


Simulators for medical training and education – design your own highly realistic virtual reality simulator for your specific medical device. Physician training and live presentation of your products has never been this easy!

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