Innosuisse is the Confederation’s innovation promotion agency.

It provides consultancy and networking services and financial resources to help turn scientific research into economic results. It fosters the development of innovative products, processes and services, encouraging business partners to work with higher education institutions.

Innosuisse is one of the world’s most successful state funding agencies for innovation in a free market economy.

Its work is based on Article 64 (Research) of the Swiss Constitution: “The Confederation shall promote scientific research and innovation.” Innosuisse operates as an independent federal commission with its own secretariat and is affiliated to the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER).

Innosuisse supports the development of several National Thematic Networks (NTNs) dedicated to an innovation topic which is of national relevance in both economic and research terms.

VIRTUAL SWITZERLAND has been chosen as NTN in Virtual Environments Interaction and Simulation for the period 2017-2020. As such, it has been granted an initial, renewable funding.

Innosuisse's funding activities facilitate the mutual exchange of knowledge and technology between industry and higher education institutions.

Innosuisse supports VIRTUAL SWITZERLAND, expecting it to create fertile ground for successful innovations to emerge. It helps to fund innovation projects carried out by companies, private or public organizations in cooperation with research institutions. Only requirement: your project must meet a market need and provide economic benefits or create social value.

VIRTUAL SWITZERLAND thus works as a facilitator to help submit VR/AR projects to Innosuisse for potential funding:

> You need a feasibility study for your project?

Innosuisse might be able to help you get into the world of science-based innovation thanks to its innovation cheques. You could obtain funding up to CHF 15’000 to test your ideas through a feasibility study.

> You want to turn your ideas into marketable products?

Swiss businesses need more of you, this is why Innosuisse helps create partnerships between industry and research actors. Considering applying for an innovation project could lead to the amazing opportunity of bringing your product, process or service rapidly to the market: upon approval, Innosuisse pays a maximum of half of the resulting research costs, with the partner company contributing the remaining half.

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