Members' Benefits

Included in the subscription

> QUALITATIVE NETWORKING encouraging exchange, debate, and generating ideas with Members-only get-togethers twice a year

> VISIBILITY as a speaker, exhibitor during events co-produced or organized by Virtual Switzerland, such as laboratory or company visits, thematic workshops, hackathons, and our annual conference

> PR & ONLINE EXPOSURE via our newsletter, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and public relations => keep us posted with your new works & undertakings

> DISCOUNTS on partners’ events like booth and demo space at fairs and forums, and major AR/VR gatherings in Switzerland and abroad such as World XR Forum, Ludicious, VR Days Europe, Laval Virtual, HUB Montreal, AVARS Vancouver, IVRHA events, XR Europe from Reuters, AWE, VivaTech, MIFA, etc


> participate in an INNOVATION GROUP, a topic-specific think tank where members’ ideas, needs, and experiences transform into concrete projects’ proposals

> FUNDING POTENTIAL via Innosuisse’s research-based innovation funding tools, with Virtual Switzerland acting as a facilitator

> each subscription is valid for a year from the day of payment

Advisory & Agency

Extra value for a fee

> Virtual Switzerland serves as an Agency working toward Members’ business relations outside the Innosuisse academic-meets-corporate mission:

– Strategic Advisory for XR implementation

– Business Growth and Development

– Exclusive space at B2B events

– Delegations with logistics involved

Membership Fees

CompanyS | Employees: 1-20 | CHF 500.-

CompanyM | Employees: 21-250 | CHF 1’000.-

CompanyL | Employees: >251 | CHF 2’500.-

LabS | Employees: 1-20 | CHF 300.-

LabM | Employees: 21-250 | CHF 1’000.-

Same rates apply for international memberships

* One membership per lab for Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, Higher Education Institutions or other non-profit research institutions.

You want to become a member or need more information?
Then please send us your query at info(at) and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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