VIRTUAL SWITZERLAND, the National Thematic Network (NTN) active in Virtual Environments Interaction and Simulation, motivates new start-ups, SMEs, and thriving companies to push ahead with innovative projects.

VIRTUAL SWITZERLAND encourages the Swiss economy to embrace progress by promoting R&D, dialogue and knowledge exchange between academic and industrial players.

All sectors are welcome to embrace XR and bring it further: medtech, edtech, architecture and construction, manufacturing, tourism, culture. There are no boundaries to what is possible!


VIRTUAL SWITZERLAND aims to facilitate the creation and implementation of immersive technologies to elicit and assure Swiss competitivity



Christoffer Lund

With over 35 years of experience as a finance director /
VP in big and international structures, Christoffer now runs
this association just like a start-up, which requires versatility and curiosity, as well as pragmatism and a keen enthusiasm for new technologies.

Laetitia Bochud
Network Development & Communication

Before joining the tech scene, Laetitia has spent the 10 past years in the marketing & communication field, after a start as a freelance journalist. As an XR evangelist, she has been developing the association’s network, its branding and event’s program, and has been fostering synergies in the Augmented & Virtual Realities’ realm. An enthusiast, proficient in project management, she is set to help Switzerland become an essential on the techy world map.


Caecilia Charbonnier

Founder, President, and Research Director at Artanim
co-Founder and co-CTO at Dreamscape Immersive

Toufann Chaudhuri

CTO at Green Motion SA

Tony Behnam

CPG Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft

Max Rheiner

Head of MA Interaction – Immersive Experiences, Head of Immersive Experience Lab at ZHdK, Zurich University of the Arts

CTO and Founder at Somniacs

Frédéric Veloso

Global Project Operations Manager at ABB

with the Knowledge and Technology Transfer support of Innosuisse, period 2017-2020


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